on christmas

by Jeanny has had a nightmare

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This is a tribute to the great Anna Calvi that we wanted to do since the first time we heard her album. So we did!
Hope you you dig it!


released December 6, 2014

percussion & sounds: Steffen Hanschmann
guitar & more sounds: Laurenz Mösbauer

mixed/mastered by Alexander Khromov, Sonic Boom Studios, Berlin

recorded at the House of Schnase the Booty-Man & Sonic Boom Studios by L-Dmusic




all rights reserved


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Jeanny has had a nightmare Earth, Texas

"We dreamed of creation, so we created."
more @ jeannysnightmare.com

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Track Name: The whiteness of snow
The Whiteness of Snow

night leaves, silence stays;
spread all the sorrow,
covered it with snow;

silence once,
the same as sorrow was for me;
but the whiteness of snow
deprived unease of thee;
the white of snow;

slowly, the day has gone,
fixed all the worries
with the flurry of the snow;

where we were and when;
in the whiteness of the snow
I can see our tracks of then;

up from high, above the clouds,
atop the sky, next to the stars;
falling down, back to the ground,
providing a cover of snow;
Track Name: Blues of the fucked up sunday
Blues of the fucked up sunday

What went wrong
last night and the night before?
Too much booze and smokes?
Too much time to lose?

You know know why and when last night got spoiled then?
What did it do that i´m not waking up with you?

Hey Mrs keeper of the bar,
please tell me, since i cant recall;
oh, by the way can you passe me one more,
caause cutie´s gone and the morning still far;

what went wrong
last night and and these nights before?
Too much shots and booze
and too much time to lose?

You know how and when we went down the drain?
And what´s left to do but sing the sunday blues??
Track Name: One fine day
One fine day

funny, how you are lost for words
inside words burn my inner self

hey why don´t you color a world in grey
and lead me astray; just maybe the right way;

and isn´t it funny
drifting like polar ice
melting slowly in the sun;

for endless, endless miles; forgotten not your smile;

Why don´t you just tempt me with a little lie?
Why don´t you try keeping your head and your mind?

And isn´t it funny
circling in a breeze;
dancing with the wind;
blow me away, lead me astray,
blow me away,
be it one fine day;